The Gender Equality Battle . “Who Is A Man, And Who Is

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The Gender Equality Battle “Who is a man, and who is a woman? Are we not one?” (unknown). This quote is significant in today’s society. Gender equality is not an issue that affects women. It is an issue that affects each and every single gender. The sources used for this essay give various outlooks on how gender inequality affects society and how as a society this issue can be resolved. The following sources give an insight into gender stereotypes, technology closing the gender gap, women becoming leaders, how to close the gender gap in classrooms, and women at work. Gender inequality is still a tremendously controversial subject matter in today’s society. Accordingly, the Daily Mail published an article, written by Abigail Beall,…show more content…
Furthermore, the study explains how higher digital fluency results in increased workplace gender equality. Even though men outscore women in digital fluency, the gap is narrowing as more women are educated about digital fluency. The reason being, “digital fluency is helping today’s workers better manage their time and become more productive” explains Accenture. Digital fluency simply means using digital technologies to become more aware, knowledgeable, and efficient. The article goes on to say that “If governments and businesses can double the pace at which women become digitally fluent, we could reach gender equality in the workplace by 2040 in developed countries…” (Accenture) thus, signifying that women will reach gender equality in less than twenty-five years. Digital Fluency is not the cure for the gender gap, but evidence proves that it is a key factor that acts as an accelerant in every stage of a person’s career. Sheryl Sandberg gave a lecture on why today’s society does not have as many women leaders. The Ted talk commences with Sandberg letting the audience acknowledge how lucky they are of not having to go through what their mothers or grandmothers did many years ago, when women were so limited to everything. Women face more problematical choices than men. For example, “Women face harder choices between professional success and

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