The Gender Trap

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Kia Villarreal
“The Gender Trap”
Book Review
California State University, Bakersfield
Kristen Gibson
October 14, 2015

Gender issues have recently hit the surface pretty hard and has made life changing impacts, nationally. Some political topics have been on same-sex marriage and restrooms for transgendered students. The nation is divided in regards to gender issues. The recent awareness has forced the government to step in and back up laws that are for and against these issues. Analyzing our lives on a daily basis seems easy, but after reading The Gender Trap: Parents and Pitfalls of Raising Boys and Girls by Emily Kane, I didn't realize how much I actually gender my children and how it could affect them in the future. Interviews
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Her interviews are of 42 people with different races, social-economic backgrounds, homosexuals and heterosexuals of children. As Kane begins her book, she goes in depth of the study and what she proposes with her findings. First, she takes a stand that gender is a social term and not biological as I have always looked at it. Gender and power also are found to be related as agreed with Kimmel’s textbook, The Gendered Society. He mentions “only white people in our society have the luxury not to think about race every minute of their lives. And only men have the luxury to pretend that gender does not matter.” She is able to grasp a stand from her interviews and is able to explain how females are socially excluded by the way the parents treat them and how this has led to a larger social problem with gender discrimination that includes wage gap and even domestic violence. Males have seemed to “benefit” from the power that has been given to them by society who engages in the marginalization of women. Now, it seems males are heavily burdened when it comes to the talk about gender differences. Chapter 1 includes the pre-birth stage of gendering children. After I told my family we were having a female they threw me a surprise baby shower that included everything pink, so before she was even born she was “given” a gender. All the parents were able to say what gender they preferred for their child and why. The reasoning behind the gender preference can be very exciting and
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