The Gender Wage Gap

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Lilly Ledbetter had worked at Goodyear for years before a colleague of hers had slipped her a note telling her that she was making a lot less money than the men at her job at her seniority level. Lilly is one of thousands of women who have experienced the gender wage gap. Because she is a women she was payed less then the men at her job because she was seen as “not smart enough, or not qualified enough.”The gender wage gap is a pretty big problem today and has been a problem since the beginning, and many people have been trying to change that and tell their stories. I believe women and men should get equal pay for the same jobs.
The gender wage gap has been a problem for a while now in not just the US but around the world, and women all over the world have stories of the gender wage gap affecting them. Jana Kasperkevic, the author of Unequal Pay for Women ‘I was Told Men Should Make More’ points out,
Working women all over the US have had their own equal pay awakenings, when they realized their salaries lagged those of others who had the same qualifications. The knowledge can be a shock. One thing is clear, however: most American women are still not getting paid as much as their male colleagues.
Women all over the United States have dealt with the gender wage gap, and it shocks many people that even in today's society after everything women have go through to be equal they still aren't equal to men in the working world.
Sadly though not much has been done recently to
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