The General Business Major Unit As An Academic Course

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Business Major This memo contains relevant information about the general business major unit as an academic course. The memo gives a clear explanation of the historical development of the discipline as widely employed in academic. The memo also gives an in-depth analysis of the discipline and highlights it several importance alongside its relationship with other related fields of study. This memo is a suitable source of information to persons seeking greater understanding of the business major discipline and its relevance in other related fields. The memo uses credible academic sources to vividly examine the discipline and give a clear illustration of how its study is based on its meritocracy and not other over lying factors. History…show more content…
The most advanced models of business were developed in the 20th century by a number of scholars who were not interested by the hand-on applications of the model but rather with the ownership of the intellectual property. These scholars include Alfred D Chandler who was a professor of business foe sixty years. He is remembered for his legendary contribution to the growth of the models, which promoted the expansion of business empires, easy management, application of business models, strategies and models. He also created an avenue for more complex development of the earlier models. Business major developed in the late half of the 20th century from the then known business disciplines, which were the common among the global universities. Initially all business management courses were taught in the same basics where all students acquired the same skills which they employed to make business decisions alongside multiple fields. The knowledge acquired from these fields was sufficient and there was no necessity to specialize the discipline to meet specific requirement. However, with time business field became more and more diversified with and the need for more specific field of business studies was evident. Following this need the institutions curriculum was inverted from the commonly used study methods to ones that are more recent. For instance, individuals
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