The General Experimental Psychology Master Essay

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As a dedicated and hard-working student, I am looking for a graduate school that will challenge my abilities and help me to grow even further. The General Experimental Psychology Master’s Program at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) seems like it would do just that.
My ambition and self-motivation had led me to graduate in three years with a double major in Psychology (B.S.) and Sociology (B.A.) with a minor in statistics. At Olivet I have received solid academic training and hands on experience. The behavioral science department is exceptional and has prepared me for the next level. Some of the activities I have been able to be a part of within Olivet’s psychology department is my own quantitative research project, assisting a professor with her research, and a practicum experience in the Business side of psychology. Outside Olivet’s psychology department, I am a Chemistry TA, I am an academic coach, and this past summer I was a consulting intern in Parker, Colorado at Parker Valley Hope.
My quantitative research project was on the effects of music and training as stress reduction techniques. Conducting research at an undergraduate level has prepared me for your program’s high standards for research projects, as well as showing me how much I enjoy research- making me a safe investment for your program. This also familiarized me with with the process of conducting research, some of the challenges that go along with research, and experience with SPSS and
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