The General Impact of Management in International Business

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Nowadays the international trade has a considerable extension; the exchange of goods, services, and natural resources is making in all over the world. Transportation and communication become quicker with the precious aid of the new technology. Often, several companies move from their native country to another one. The world is seen now as a global market where a diversity of societies is appealed to deal together. So, the management must from now on be considered in larger sense as several countries has to combine their view of management, their managerial styles and indubitably their culture, to ensure the globalization of business. So, what is the general impact of management in the international business? In this essay this question…show more content…
Sometimes, discrimination, lack of diversity, and lack of transparency, can be some major factors of the ethical issues, for example a boss can refuse a promotion to a foreign employee in cause of his idea of the management, his ethnicity. Fair trade issues Fair trade was created in the perspective to allow a just remuneration to poor producers procuring them a better life to their workers and their family. Yet, with the rise of the globalization of the business, the trade has unfortunately lost its true ideology, so a corporation with negative intention of trade can affect in many ways his environment such as the over exploitation of the available resources, and the way of employees are treated in matter of payroll, on son.. The difference in managerial styles between USA and Japan USA and Japan are two countries with different culture, and different managerial style. What can be considered as efficient at USA can be unacceptable and unpracticed at Japan. In USA, the practice of planning is firstly a short term orientation. Decision are made individually, few people are involved in selling and making decision. Fast decision is made and slow implementation of decision is practicing. The organizing practice requires: individual responsibility and accountably, clarity, and specificity of decision responsibility. In staffing practice, they hire people out of school and in frequent companies. Their promotions are primarily based on individual performance. In

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