The General Industry Environment Around The Oil And Gas Industry

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Company Background: Anadarko is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies . With more than 6000 employees, the company strives to be the best at extraction and production of energy to meet the world’s demand. Anadarko’s headquarter is in The Woodlands, Texas, with other regional offices around the US as well as operations in ten other countries . Anadarko’s mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to their shareholders. They implement their business values in all aspects of their operations and the company has received several awards for their innovative practices.

STEEP Analysis: The STEEP analysis assesses the general industry environment around the oil and gas industry . It is an evaluation of various external factors that affect the industry. This will enable a company to better predict what the current trends are and what will happen in the future.

Social: The social context of the oil and gas industry concerns the demographics, cultural influences, values, geography and trends . Energy companies are focused on their responsibility to safely deliver and distribute oil and natural gas to the energy-demanding world. The industry has become increasingly aware of early and continuing consultation with surrounding communities and government institutions, building it into their project’s overall management cycle. The social environment around any project consists of the local people (their values, beliefs and norms), the…

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