The General Industry Environment Around The Oil And Gas Industry

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Company Background: Anadarko is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies . With more than 6000 employees, the company strives to be the best at extraction and production of energy to meet the world’s demand. Anadarko’s headquarter is in The Woodlands, Texas, with other regional offices around the US as well as operations in ten other countries . Anadarko’s mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to their shareholders. They implement their business values in all aspects of their operations and the company has received several awards for their innovative practices. STEEP Analysis: The STEEP analysis assesses the general industry environment around the oil and gas industry . It is an evaluation of…show more content…
Every community has different characteristics, requirements and objectives that must be considered before, during and after a project. Community support is key to success for a company in the energy industry. Demographics deals with how big the population is, who the people are and what skills they have. In order for a company to function it needs to have adequate facilities nearby, like health care, transportation options, infrastructure and a steady power supply . The energy trend is shifting towards green energy, raising issues for the fossil fuel industry. People are becoming more aware of their role in climate change and want to change where their energy comes from. There are four distinctive trends identified for the oil and gas industry: increased energy demand because of social and demographic factors, increased energy efficiency, increased cost of oil extraction, and increased production of natural gas in the US . Through analysis of these factors the future picture of the industry become clearer and it is easier to plan ahead and prepare. Of all products we use in our daily lives, 96% of all components are made with oil and gas, so the industry is disappearing despite the pressure for more green energy . Technology: It is a very technological industry, with a constant need for innovation and advancement. By improving their technology, efficiency increases and costs go down. New technological advancements are
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