The General Manager At The Wheeling Island Casino

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The person I interviewed was Osi Imomo the General Manager at the Wheeling Island Casino. Osi was born in Nigeria, a country made up of 36 states. There are three main environments in Nigeria, savanna, tropical rainforest, and wetlands. There are over 250 tribes but the three most common are the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. The common language spoken is English but has several different dialects throughout the country. Out of the entire population 45% are under the age of fourteen. The biggest part of the economy has been oil since the 1960’s. Nigeria was ruled by the British for several years but gained its independence in 1960. Shortly after gaining its independence in 1966 a civil war broke out and has continued into the recent years. This year was the first time Nigeria had a successful election without any violence. The capital of Nigeria was Lagos but was moved to Abuja in 1986. What is interesting is that Abuja is similar to Washington D.C. in the United States. Like Washington D.C., Abuja is not a state but rather a federal district. There are some interesting things that are very different from our culture as well. In Nigeria it is rude to eat or shake hands with your left hand. The left hand is to be used for personal sanitation purposes. In fact, food is commonly eaten with no hands at all. When speaking with Osi he described his meals as a carbohydrate enriched diet, as meat was a not a commodity. If there was meat for dinner it was the size of a

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