The General Perspective Of Human Beings Essay

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Introduction From the general perspective of human beings education institutions constitute a scientific domain related to the ontology, epistemology, and methodology that will shape individuals ideology to what is known as curriculum in responding the needs of the society. Curriculum is considerably as an integral part of education that plays an important role in schooling in the form of production and reproduction of the life of human beings due to the power of its nature (Carpenter, 2001, p. 109). The word curriculum is initiated in the development of ancient Greek. Pinar et al (1995) states that the word curriculum comes from two words namely ‘curro’ which means I run and currere which means to be running. These two meanings are important to look deeply on what to do with in relation to each different views and ideology of curriculum and its work, the curriculum in the ancient time is judged as a running tracks around that all the athletes must acquire and finalize for the best of the completion. This metaphor is beneficial, even though there is awareness to other inapplicable metaphors descriptions (Taylor, 1984). The imagination of the people appear differently to symbolize the system of education, for example, one can hold a running track in different ways such as by straight forward, circle, oval, in a certain arena or across the country. The conditions can be governed whether in a flat domain or over uneven ground. Participants can be varied, male and female,
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