The General Public And Genetically Modified Organisms

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Elisson Espinal
Mrs. Parkerson
Research and Technology
23 March, 2016 The general public often portrays Genetically Modified Organisms in a negative light. People have been displeased with the massive incorporation of GMOs into our modern methods of food production and demand the incorporation of labels which would cost the U.S. millions of dollars (since GM Foods and Non-GM Foods aren’t sorted separately) in an attempt to avoid the consumption of this technological advancement. These people’s concerns regarding GM Foods are understandable, as there have been some research that correlates GMOs with an increase in allergic reaction and cross pollination. However, these concerns often turn into fanaticism, a result of a lack of knowledge in regards to the benefits that GMOs pose. Although Portrayed negatively by the media, Genetically Modified Organisms/Genetically Modified Foods pose a variety of food that will help sustain the world’s exponential population growth. Genetically Modified Organisms or Genetically Modified Foods are organisms whose genome has been changed in order to favor certain physiological traits (Diaz 1). GMOs can be created by two different processes: Recombinant DNA technology (the insertion of genes from another organism) or reproductive cloning (the complete replacement of a cell’s nucleus with that of another organism, which is responsible for the creation of cloned organisms such a Dolly, a sheep cloned back in 2016). When referring to…
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