The General Themes Of White Privilege

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The general themes of “White Privilege” by Paula S. Rothenberg are the idea that America is and has been a white dominated country, where being white is the norm. It talks about how this socially accepted idea has oppressed and discriminated against anyone who did not fit the majority or privileged group, which continues that cycle of racism. Issues in this book brought to light, how white people take their mentality and actions for granted. This in return oppresses anyone who does not fit the privileged mold of socially accepted white America. In promotes the reader to think about how racism is alive today in American culture. It exposes this sense of white privilege, and how individuals who are white, benefit from their skin color, while those who are not white suffer. The book calls the reader to critically think about what the media, government, history, etc. says about America and America norms. The book also discusses how White people are not often discriminated against, therefore, when the issue of racism comes up they find away to justify the situation, because they can not understand what the individual is going though who is being decimated against. Overall, the general theme of the book is to shed light on racial injustices and to learn and understand the history of racism and whiteness. The book is ultimately trying to end the cycle of racism, by challenging in just white views of America. IT promotes people to work together, and to equally represent the many
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