The Generation And The Millennial Generation

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While driving on I-95 into the city of Philadelphia, I see dozens of advertisements to the left and right of me, some promoting education, others jewelry, food, concerts and sporting events. Everywhere you look, you are bound to faced with some sort of promotion. Whether it is a billboard while driving, commercial while watching TV, or web advertisement while searching the Internet, advertisements are everywhere. Their main purpose is to inform or persuade us, the consumers, into buying the newest product the company is promoting at that time.
In our society we do not realize the effects marketers have on consumers. It is easy for them to deceive people by using different techniques, like using words such as “sale, convenient, latest,” or even by having appealing pictures going along with products. The main target audience that marketers aim to influence is the millennial generation. So much of the millennial generation is influenced through social media and technology. With such an exuberant use and understanding of technology, marketers realized how to target the most vulnerable group of consumers. Marketer’s upfront goal is being able to sell the certain product, the underlying goal is persuading young consumers with various marketing techniques leading to negative consequences amongst teens. While many people may think advertisements can inform people on what they should know, the negative influences outweigh the positive influences. Marketing has multiple negative

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