The Generation Gap : Communications Between The Generational Gap

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Communications between the generational gap
Have you ever found yourself unable to continue or hold a conversation with someone older or younger than you? Perhaps it was simply a lack of interest in the topic or the inability to find similar ground to connect on. The cultural differences between generations in America create a gap where the ability to communicate effetely and relate is lost. How the younger generation communicate is based off how they were taught by the older generation. Just like any child the younger generation is molded by experience. When the older generation refuses to reach across and pull the adults of the younger generation they are creating the gap in communication. The older generation expects the younger to figure out their place in the world as they had to during the times of hardships and war. However, in the recent years America has avoided was and grown within its self to create better lives for its people. No longer do kids grow up starving and the fear of losing a loved overseas is not a common one. The hardships that molded the older generation, the same hardships the older generation wants to the younger one to face are no longer in existence. So leaving the younger generation alone to mold its self without the hardships leaves them to looking upon themselves and one another and try to find how they best fit in. Their communication is based off their ability to relate with their own, not with the elders of society. To them the elders
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