The Generation Gap is Creating Misunderstandings

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The generation gap is another reason of creating misunderstanding between the families that can affect their relationships. The passage, “The Generation Gap” describes how the young and the old people seem to be living in two very different worlds that are separated by different skills and abilities because of how the generation gap has affected them. From my personal observations, my family is very traditional. My family expects a lot from my brother and me such as staying within the same area as our parents, marrying the same person that our parents choose for us and continuing to do the same business as my parents had been doing last few years. These rules have caused so many problems in my family relationships which have led to a big argument. From the passage, “The Generation Gap” and from my personal experiences that it can be seen there are many reasons for the generation gap that can affect relationships in families which might lead to separation from the family and more restriction on their freedom. There are many reasons that the generation gap can cause separation from family. The generation gap is something that easily can lead to a big misunderstanding between each other without any big reason. For example, “in the passage, it explains how parents always complain about their children, as if “children do not show them proper respect. They also a lot of complains about their about their children’s music, study habits, and television viewing.” This quote

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