The Generation Of A Generation

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Millennials is the generation of people who were born between the years of 1982 and 2000. The millennial generation consists of roughly seventy-six million people which is the largest generation yet. What sets millennials apart from other generations, is that they are the first generation to be raised with technology. “Most notably, the Millennials treat technology as their ‘sixth sense’. It is a significant characteristic and skill set that distinguishes them from members of other generations” (Alexander & Sysko 127). The skill of having technology be our “sixth sense” has helped millennials immensely when it comes to getting jobs. Growing up in the first generation with technology does have its downside. Unfortunately, growing up with technology has also caused millennials to be one of the laziest generation yet. The invention of the television, and video games like nintendo, xbox, and playstation have caused a lot of the millennial generation to be incredibly lazy. It is not just the technology that has made the millennial generation lazy, it is also how they were raised. The millennials were raised in the ‘trophy’ era, where no matter what someone does whether it be good or bad, they will always get praised. The trophy era has affected millennials everywhere even when they grow up. For example, in the workplace millennials always expect to get praised for finishing their job no matter if they did well or not. Millennials are singled out from other generations in the
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