The Generation Of Generation And Student Loan Debt

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Generation X faces many issues unique to their generation, technology was advancing, and computer were becoming more affordable and widespread. They faced both social and ecological issues, with advances in medicine that caused the generation before them to live longer, and being the one of the first generations to be effected by student loan debt. Generation Xers are often known for their high level of skepticism and their “what do I get out of this” attitudes. They are considered to be the first generation of “latchkey” kids, or kids without much boundaries. During the 60’s and 70’s divorce rates were at an all-time high, so many of the children of this generation were exposed to large amounts of divorce (Schroer). Which might explain for the high levels of skepticism and freedom they had. It seemed they also didn’t care much for politics sense they had the lowest voting participant rate of any other generation. Generation Xers are often referred to as the Baby Bust generation. They were born 1965- 1976, now many Gen Xers find themselves having large amounts of responsibility. Having to take care of the now retiring Baby Boomer generation and the still young Millennia Generation. At this point they have all reached middle age and most are at the height of their professional careers. Gen Xers are the least represented generation, they are often looked over in regards to marketing and statistics. They are the demographic bridge between the more conservative Baby Boomers

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