The Generation Of Humans Are Considered Food

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This new world is one of sorrow, we humans are considered food. I did not choose to be born into this generation. The generation of vampires, I never thought this could happen even in my wildest nightmares. I have a name but to them I am just a number and a blood type, every day is a game of survival. This sick, twisted game that they like to call equality results in bloodshed that can color the world twenty times over. I see death on a regular basis, it is something that is now considered normal in the eyes of everyone. A normality that has us imprisoned by our own fear in a world of lonely existence.
Humans are identified by a barcode on their right wrist, each barcode is different depending on blood type and age. We are separated by blood type everywhere we go, in our schools, stores, and even homes. Where one lives depends entirely on blood type that is how many families have been ripped apart. My family, on the other hand, we managed to stick together, though it came with a small price. Unlike others when it comes to weekly blood donation I and my family have to give twice as much blood as others.
Other than living in a world full of vampires I am a completely normal kid. I go to school like everyone else, except our schools are blood banks. I remember being told kids used to get food during lunch, our lunch is more of a lunch for the “greater race.” My weekly blood donations take place at my school. But instead of eating food we get packets of these clear pills to

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