The Generation Of Immaturity : Miley Cyrus

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Generation of Immaturity
This generation is mainly known for our desire to find uniqueness, passing off our immaturity as Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) and acting childish. Miley Cyrus, also known as Hanna Montana, is someone that symbolizes this era. She is labeled as a rebel and rejected by society for making immature decisions, yet many teens are following in her footsteps. Miley’s use of drugs, uniqueness in style and dancing influences teens to be like her.
Miley Cyrus once played Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. Hannah was a role model to lots of kids and teens. Many people looked up to her and wanted to be just like her. However, many people see her as an awful person now because of her uniqueness in style. In the first place, when she shaved off all her hair, everyone was surprised she had cut it all up. The reason why she did it was because she said it felt more like her. She says the way to earn respect is by being you. Another thing she did to express her style was by using midriff shirts, getting tattoos, crying on stage to her song wreaking ball and sticking her tongue out at every opportunity. Miley has grown up and became a whole different person. For example, before she “murdered” Hannah Montana, she did not use drugs or dressed up half naked in performances. In fact, Miley has faced a lot of problems with drugs and relationships. Indeed, many of us deal with relationship problems but, we should not be influenced by Celeberties like Miley to do drugs or
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