The Generic Procurement Process

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The generic procurement process
The acquisition of services and goods through purchase, leasing, or rental is referred to as procurement. The services or goods been procured should be appropriate and purchased at the lowest possible price. They should also meet the company's needs in terms of quantity and quality. AME uses procurement to ensure that there will be open and fair competition amongst the bidders which reduces collusion and fraud. The procurement activities include forecasting and planning, needs identification, offers solicitation, offer evaluation, award of contracts, administration of the contract till delivery of the services or goods procured. Product quality, service quality, performance level, and customer value are all impacted by the procurement processes undertaken by AME. To make the procurement processes efficient, effective, and clear, AME needs to analyze its procurement methods. Weaknesses will be established in any procurement process. The weaknesses include malpractice, and failure in control and monitoring.
First, this paper looks into the generic procurement process. Analysis of the weaknesses and recommendations for overcoming these weaknesses will be discussed.
The generic procurement process
The generic procurement process involves three major stages planning, implementation, and management(Saarinen & Vepsäläinen, 1994). These stages have other stages within them. The first step in the planning stage is where AME

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