The Genesis And Basic Drivers Behind Globalization

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The rapid growth of globalization has transformed the way businesses are managing their operations in this global world. This has brought considerable benefits as well as challenges and often political backlash. In this paper, we analyze the basic facts and trends surrounding the globalization phenomenon. We attempt to understand the genesis and basic drivers behind globalization. We focus on identify and analyze factors which contribute to globalization, analyze the effects of globalization, analyze the rise of economist nationalism under globalization and attempt to find out if it exists a correlation between globalization and the rise of new nationalism.

I. Introduction
Globalization is the growing integration of
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These risks include: unemployment cases, dominance of trade brands, standardization issues which brings monotony, trade imbalances where the powerful nations tend to dump the exports of the developing nations, inequalities, technological insecurities due to high technological advancements in the businesses operations and other risks.
Finally, the upcoming issue of new nationalism as with the election of Donald Trump is seen to be a threat to the existing globalization since his rules and other European changes tends to separate their countries from the other nations. They tend to perform their trading activities in their own ways and govern their citizens independently. Most nationalists see their economies, country, citizens and their cultures to be very unique compared to the other countries’.
II. Factors leading to globalization
Identify and analyze factors which contribute to globalization, include increased significance of multinational companies.
There has been a high growth rate of multinational companies and organization which has greatly influenced the rise of globalization. These companies have brought about various new strategies in the operation of trade globally. In relation to revenue and growth rate of profit which has made these multinational companies to invest their brands and businesses globally hence leading to their internal growth. In this case, also some of the well performing Indian companies are able to export their

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