The Genetic Disease Of Down Syndrome

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Scenario Paper: Down Syndrome; Trisomy 21 Michelle Bosserman National University

Professor Joan Horvath BIS 405 March 14, 201 Abstract
In this paper, the author will analyze the genetic disease of Down syndrome. The author will give a definition of this genetic disorder, and explain some of the characteristics associated. The author will then discuss its scientific causes, and detail both prenatal and birth testing methods available to parents should they chose. The author will bring up some of the social implications of this disorder as we know it both from the past and currently. In this paper the author cites peer-reviewed references from the NU library, which include
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When answering the question of what exactly Down syndrome is, a good definition can be one describing this disorder as a genetic condition where a person has an extra 21st chromosome. The typical person has 46 chromosomes, therefore the person born with Down syndrome has 47 (Nature March 10, 2011). This extra chromosome brings with it some physical and cognitive characteristics that include mild to severe cognitive delay, low muscle tone, stunted growth, an easily identifiable characteristic of eyes that tend to slant, generally a deep crease in the middle of the palm of the hand, and the appearance of a flat face. We have to keep in mind however, that each person who is living with Down syndrome is a separate individual and might have all or just some of these characteristics to a different extent. It is also possible to have Down syndrome and really possess none of these characteristics.
In the United States, 1 out of every 700-800 births results in Down syndrome, making it one of the more common genetic disorders. When identifying the cause of Down syndrome, again we have to look at the extra, very important part of chromosome 21 that occurs in all or some associated with Down syndrome. Although there is no real scientific research showing that environmental factors or even the parents ' activities before or during pregnancy can be directly linked to the cause of Down syndrome, research has
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