The Genetic Disorder Of Trisomy 21

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The genetic disorder of Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome is one that has often interested me. I understand that many children born with his genetic disorder can in fact live a full life, often with assistance. When answering the question of what exactly Down syndrome is, a good definition can be one describing this disorder as a genetic condition where a person has an extra 21st chromosome. The typical person has 46 chromosomes, therefore the person born with Down syndrome has 47. This extra chromosome brings with it some physical and cognitive characteristics that include mild to severe cognitive delay, low muscle tone, stunted growth, an easily identifiable upward slant to the eyes, generally a deep crease across the center of the palm and the appearance of a flat face. We have to keep in mind however, that each person with Down syndrome is an individual and might have some of these characteristics to different degrees, or possibly none at all.
Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders in the United States with 1 out of close to every 700 births being linked to the disorder. When identifying the cause of Down syndrome, again we have to look at the extra, very important part of chromosome 21 that occurs in all or some associated with Down syndrome. Although there is no real scientific research showing that Down syndrome is caused by environmental factors or even the parents ' activities before or during pregnancy, research has shown that it increases in
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