The Genetic Disorder of Down Syndrome

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“Noo Why my baby,” this mother has just been given the news that her child has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Her child was one of many who will have trouble reading out loud or to even communicate. Who will grow up with not knowing if today will be a good day or not. Down Syndrome is just one case of genetic disorder. There are so many all over in the world and many doctors still don’t even know what to call them. Some don’t even know they have a disease in them till its too late, or other know all there lives and some learn to live with the disease and others live every day in fear of getting even more sick and hurt.
Genetic disorders are very common some more than others. Its all has to do with our 46 chromosomes. Genetic disorders can occur to anyone. Many people believe genetic disorders only happen to those who have family cases with genetic disorders but, it’s not something you can truly control. When a cell is going through Meiosis the outcome should be that every gametes should have 23 chromosomes which carry your genetic code. At the beginning of Meiosis each homologous chromosomes pairs up with another homologous chromosome and then they start exchanging genetic code. This process is called Crossing Over. During this process there is a small chance that the exchange didn’t happen properly and not all the genetic code was transfer from one another. Which can later result in your genetic code failure.
Another Cause of a genetic disorder is if there aren’t
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