The Genetic Modification Of Gene Technology

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Crop Genetic Modification
Biological basis
Gene technology also known as genetic engineering involves taking genes of one organism and putting it into another to have only certain desired characteristic and isolating others, which are undesirable (Forman, 2010). The process involves the manual addition of DNA to an organism and this adds one or more features that are not found on the plant.
Important biology concepts in gene technology
DNA is a molecule, which exists on the nucleus of every cell in a plant or an animal, which has four subunits that are denoted by letters A, T, G and C. Their order in the DNA strand contains a code of information for that particular cell. The small segments of the DNA are known as genes and each gene contains the instruction how to produce a single protein. Proteins are important in the genetic modification as they can be structures like organelles and cell walls or they can regulate what usually happens inside the cells (Forman, 2010). Everything, which can be observed in an organism, is made up of protein or is because of protein action. DNA contains a genetic code which contains information which means the same in all organisms. The trait forms the basis of gene modification when a certain gene is extracted from an organism and is inserted into another it gives the recipient the ability to express the similar trait as the donor organism.
Process of gene modification
Find a plant, which naturally contains the genes for the desired trait
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