The Genetics For Mongol Migration

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Maryann Steadman
ANTH 3125
2014, October 11th
Reflection Paper One
Genetics for Mongol Migration Mongolia is located in-between Russia and China, and is a neighbor to Kazakhstan. The people that live there are called Mongols. Mongolia, which is part of Asia, is part of what composes Eurasia. When it comes to DNA and chromosomal lineage, there are many factors that lead to how a person will look, who they will mate with, and what decisions they make in that process. These categories all run under the term genetics. The second week’s lecture said that there are “three major types of genetic data.” There is autosomal, Y chromosome, and mitochondrial DNA. Autosomal is a combination of your mother and father’s DNA that makes you. Y chromosomes come from your father and are given to a son, and mitochondrial DNA comes from your mother. Everyone has the autosomal and mitochondrial aspects of genetics. The mitochondrial makeup is just what genes you got from your mother. However, only males have the Y chromosome aspect of genetics since males sex genes are comprised of XY while females are XX. Mongols (and their language of Mongolic) originally came from the Altai Mountains, which are near Mongolia (week lecture two). In the second week’s lecture it is also noted that Mongolia may have been the original location for starting Y chromosomal lineage. In Zerial’s article, “The Genetic Legacy of the Mongols,” it talks about Mongols being a star cluster for other people.

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