The Genius of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The Genius of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe remains today one of the most unique figures in American literary history. Critics have likened him to both Leonardo Da Vinci and the "Jingle Man" ; either the keystone of American literature or simply a writer of fashionable entertainment. As a person and a writer, Poe is also a collection of contradictions. One thing is for certain, few people have left a more lasting impression in the minds of readers than Poe. Subsequent authors have never been able to improve upon the style which Poe created and mastered. Poe's tales have transcended generations of American readers and lasted through many shifts in literary thinking. One of the few things that is as strange and unique as Poe's
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When Edgar was six years old, the Allans moved to England because of John's business ventures. They enrolled Poe in the Manor House School at Stoke Newington, which he later used as the setting of his short story "William Wilson." As a child, Edgar was described as smart and athletic; and because of this both of his parents adored him, especially his mother.

Adolescent Concerns

Edgar's picturesque family life started to deteriorate as he reached puberty. While attending private schooling, Poe often felt inferior to the other kids because of his meager past. The young Poe was very athletic and liked to run, box, and play other sports, but was exceedingly unsociable towards his peers, and because of this they often rejected him. In addition, Poe's special affection towards his foster mother caused problems for the adolescent child. As was with his natural mother, Edgar felt much closer to his new mother than his new father. While it is not clear whether Edgar had an Oedipal complex, his affection for his mother did result in tension with his father John. The young Poe returned with his family to Richmond, Virginia in 1822 at the age of 13. Poe's somewhat strange affection for women was evident while he was still in grade school. At the age of 14 Poe fell in love with Jane Stith Craig Stanard, the young mother of a schoolmate. Ms. Stanard, who Edgar referred to a Helen, died of a brain tumor shortly afterwards. This
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