The Genocide Of The Armenian Genocide

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The world becomes a better place when there is humanity. Humanity exists when there are people who have the desire to give, instead of take. When these generous people “give” without the expectation of “taking” back, the world automatically offers them the better. There was poverty in all the villages of Armenia. Armenian Christians were continuously under attacks. The attacks against Christian Armenians occurred throughout the year 1915. This is the age that is well known for the Armenian Genocide, which was carried out by the Ottoman Turks. Escaping the Ottoman forces, my grandmother, Sosek Boghosian, found herself as a refuge in Iraq. Horrific acts continued to be committed to my grandmother’s descendants.
Many people had no place to live or sleep. I have interviewed my grandmother to make myself more educated about the Armenian Genocide. She contributed to the Armenian culture in many different ways. Mrs. Boghosian studied about the genocide from her beloved mother. Following her mother’s footsteps, she became more generous day by day. She contributed to the Armenian Culture by teaching her children and grandchildren how to help one another. This was followed by donating food, clothes and shelter for the kids in orphanages. These unfortunate children lost their guardians in the genocide, along with 1.5 million other deaths.
The Armenian people lived in a very safe environment until some obstacles beset them. When the Turks were informed that the Armenians were living a

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