The Genocide Of The Holocaust

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Can you imagine terminating someone or a group of people who don’t share the same ideas as you or don’t believe in the same concepts as you? Me neither! Well believe it or not there have been numerous psychopaths in our history that have gotten rid of entire races or religions for cultural differences. This horrible action is known as genocide and it has killed millions and millions of innocent people in our world. Genocide has happened many times throughout our history and one of the most well known is the Holocaust the deliberate killing of six million Jews. Sadly many people have witnessed genocide with their own eyes and wished they could have unseen it, such as Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor. A few years ago was another event called Darfur occurred which led to the massive killing of numerous Africans by Arabs. Although, genocide has had a negative impact on many, the hope is to end this inhumane act so it can no longer take place in the future like various past events. The killing of a large group or an entire race or religion is genocide. Many people ask why they occur and the answer is they want everyone to be similar to them or they are trying to prove that they are the most superior. Genocide still happens nowadays because of differences and those differences cause people to kill others who aren’t the same as them. Genocide will continue to happen worldwide forever and ever because people will always be different, have there own opinions, and some will never

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