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The Genre of The Tempest The Tempest is customarily identified as the William Shakespeare's last piece. These marginal issues aside, The Tempest is the forth, final and finest of Shakespeare's great and/or late romances. Along with Pericles, Cymbeline and The Winters Tale, The Tempest belongs t the genre of Elizabethan romance plays. It combines elements of Tragedy (Prospero's revenge/Loss of a royal son) with those of romantic comedy (the young lover Ferdinand and Miranda) and, like one of Shakespeare's problem plays, Measure for measure, it poses deeper questions that are not completely resolved at the end. The romantic gesture is distinguished by the inclusion (and synthesis) of these…show more content…
There was no category for romance. The tempest was also placed in this category. Although The Tempest does end happily, Ferdinand is reunited with his father, wrongs are forgiven, and people promise to change their ways, there was no other way to categorize the play at the time. In plays such as the winters tale and the tempest, Shakespeare combines a mixture of comic and tragic styles, incorporating elements of romance and realism in a manner which differs distinctly from the style of his earlier plays. Technically speaking, both The Winters Tale and the tempest adopt a comic style with the 'bad' characters being punished, and all strife reaching the comic plane of resolution at the end. However, although the suffering is overcome, in neither play can we find harmony restored in the way that it usually is in comedy. In the Tempest the final reconciliation of Prospero and Antonio has none of the vitality of comic harmony in it. Even in the words of forgiveness which Prospero speaks there is a note of blame: For you, most wicked sir, whom I call brother Would infect my mouth, I do forgive Thy rankest fault. Act 5 scene 1 line 158 Resolution is diluted by the lingering remembrance of earlier discord, so the general effect of the plays is far more bleak than would be typical of a comedy. In the tempest the plot can be viewed as matching perfectly

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