The Gentleman's Game

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The gentleman’s game What comes to your mind when I say the world’s hardest sport? I’m sure many of you start picturing football, baseball, maybe even hockey, but how many of you would ever consider golf to be the hardest sport? Unlike the three sports mentioned above in golf you don’t have any teammates to help you out if you’re have a bad game. In golf you have to be good at all aspects of the game in order to be successful unlike in football, baseball, and hockey where you can still be successful by only mastering one position. In football every football field measures the same size, in baseball the pitcher is always the same distance away from the batter, and hockey rinks are all the same size every time, however in golf ever course is different and you don’t get a home field advantage like you do in other sports you have to be prepared for everything. This is why I consider golf to be the world’s hardest sport because there are no teammates it’s just up to you and your caddy, you have to be great at every aspect of the game if you want to be successful on the PGA tour, and finally ever course is different and you have to be able to make adjustments from course to course in order to succeed. I believe I am able to make this claim because I have an abundance of experience from playing nearly every sport in my childhood. I earned three varsity letters in high school and competed at a varsity level for four years in golf, lacrosse, and cross country. Out of…

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