The Genzyme Sanofi Renassist Program Case Study

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Synopsis The Genzyme Sanofi Renassist Program is the focus of this case study. This program has experienced a major growth and new problems have surfaced because of this jump in workload. The problems faced by this small organization suggests that these types of programs require a comprehensive philosophy and method to address communication and systematic failures that occur without a vision or mission statement. In this case there has been a 50% jump in applications for this drug program and as a result confusion and miscommunication are happening due to this overload. This programs three-step approach has been inefficient because late turnaround times are negatively affecting the patients' healing process. The Renassist program needs to be modified to fit this new demand and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this program. Educational Objectives Several key learning points may be derived from this case study. The most important objective is to understand the many and challenging problems in implementing a large-scale change within a health care organization. A disruption of current trends and practices needs a strong leadership presence that can help see the larger picture and direct the flow of work in the right direction. A second object of understanding the financing and human resource issues involved in this case study are also implied as attaining cost savings appears to be very important in this environment. The third objective is to identify

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