The Geographic Business Segmentation Using By Cupcake Central

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4.1 Segmentation The geographic business segmentation using by cupcake Central, they have got branches only in Melbourne and handle specific type of product and according to the needs of that particular area. The different focus on the quantity and type of quality is required by that particular segment or region. In the future, when company tries to relaunch the product then they need to make segment, to cater important events for restaurant and hotels. The short term aim of geographically will be the CBD area in Melbourne and expansion other around states. Psycho-graphically, we will aim towards focus on people having high income and enjoying quality products. Segmentation is helpful for focus on the effort as similar segment has same…show more content…
The segments are profitable due to size, status, frequency and volume of transaction particularly for corporate functions. For medium segment where we target medium customer, the main focus should be on quality and freshness of the product. So make the cupcakes daily according to knowing the needs or wants of customers by experience. 4.3 Positioning Positioning is a market strategy that aims to make the position of the product in the mind of people. The main focus is on the positing of our different products at premium places with premium price. Provide good quality product at an optimum price so that company should able to make their position in the market. At the medium segmentation, cupcake central competitors are offering a wide range of cupcakes but cooperative to providing for corporate occasion and some other events. The competitors of company give the permission to company to identify the option, for these markets not an alternative. 5. Marketing Mix 5.1 Product Cupcake central do their business in high quality cupcakes. It is comparatively new in product cycle but it will moderately increase the range of its product and give new offerings to its consumers according to their requirements and feedback. Moreover, its other key attributes are offerings of different varieties of cupcakes having different flavours like vanilla, Red velvet, cookies and cream and so on to its consumers. In

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