The Geography 101 Course Essay

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Through the Geography 101 course, I have become increasingly familiar with certain concepts that are easily applicable to cities and countries that I am familiar with. These concepts help me fully understand the geographic situation occurring in these locations. One location that has been brought up many times throughout the semester and I have increased with familiarity is Japan. This location is constantly changing and growing. It exports many different vehicle and machinery parts, and is at the forefront of technology and the revolution that follows. Though I do not have any personal connections to the country of Japan, I know that has important geographical traits and occurrences that affect the population and cultural geographies, the agricultural and economic geographies, and the political and urban geographies of the country.
The world is constantly growing. Currently there are 7.3 billion people. We need to create space and ensure food and nutrition for many, also known as food security. Japan is a country that prioritizes making room for citizens and ensuring enough food and medication are accessible. Tokyo is a heavily populated city, it needs to create or have access to a sustainable food source for the inhabitants. Space is also important. The buildings and homes are very close together to create more space for more people to live in the city. Is this city able to carry that many people? The carrying capacity refers to the maximum number of users that can be…

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