The Geography Of Breakfast Food

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Jaden Cody
26 August 2014
AP Human Geography
The Geography of Breakfast Food Essay

Q:Where and how is the breakfast item produced?
A:Coffee is mainly produced on five out of seven continents on coffee plantations.

1. Coffee is one of the most common breakfast items found on any table in the morning and now sold all throughout the day. Coffee is grown and exported from places like Columbia and the Asian Pacific, to anywhere like Hawaii and the biggest producer, Brazil. 1/3 of the world 's coffee supply comes from Brazil, because of the nations tropical climate it is able to grow coffee very easily and plentiful. Brazil had many other types of climates but the hot and tropical one is great for the production of coffee.
2. Most successful companies like Starbucks have started programs to oversee and make sure their farmers are treated well. C.A.F.E.( Starbucks ' program) is Coffee and Farmer Equality this program ensures the farmers safety and the quality if the product. This program has shown to boost productivity between the company and the grower and between the workers and the owners of the plantations. Even though this program is in place the workers are still paid poorly. An expert picket can collect about 6-7 baskets of coffee berries a day, yet they are paid very little. 71% of farms in Brazil are less than 10 lectares, 25% of them are less than 50 lectares and 4% are more than 50 lectares.*
3. The common irrigation system used on Coffee

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