The Geography Of Ecuador: A Small Country

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Ecuador is interesting country from its history and origins down to the food they eat. With beautiful landscapes that would make your mouth drop and exotic foods that might make people rethink going to Ecuador, there's more to this small country as in learning the regions and culture or what type of government they have to the flag of this great country. It may be a small country but it is big in another way- in some awesome facts about the county named Ecuador. The country of Ecuador is the smallest places in South America and it is border by Peru, Colombia, and the Pacific Ocean. Even being a small country they are divide into 4 primary geographic areas or regions-the costa, the sierra, the Orienta, and the Galapagos Islands (Colleen 9). The 1st region is the costa is the plain along the coast and covers ¼ of the area and is west of the Andes with 3 types of ecosystems: the tropical rain forest, the dry deserts, and the tropical savannas (9, 11) The next one is the sierra where the Andes Mountains are home in the central highlands along with other volcanoes (9, 12). Also, the…show more content…
The have 3 branches are judicial, executive, and legislative." There is also an autonomous electoral agency called the Tribunal Supremo Electoral. Ecuador is separated into 24 provinces each of which is further divided into administrative cantones and parroquias (Halberstadt, wed)." In 2008, Rafael correa became president and then successfully changed the Ecuadoran constitution by conversing with a special assembly which even wrote the new changes. He will run a four year term unless he assonated, impeached (which both of these are rare), or become sick with an illness that is dead threatening. If that would ever to occur then they would appoint the vice president to be the president.Also he is the chief of the armed forces (Halberstadt,
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