The Geologic Scale Of Dinosaurs

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The earth has existed for about 4.6 billion years; the geologic scale divides all of these years into sections, much like chapters in a book. Each of these sections is unique because it shows all of the changes on earth’s surface throughout the years. The largest of these sections on the geologic scale is eons. Eons are also divided into another two sections call ears. Eras are then divided into periods and then periods are divided into epochs. The reasons why the sections have been divided are either because major organisms developed or went extinct. Organisms go extinct because they either run out of space or food, or the environment changes making it hard for some organisms to survive the new environment (Ghose). Dinosaurs started developing after a mass extinction of the Paleozoic Era just about 125 million years ago. Dinosaurs lived through the Mesozoic Era then later died off during another mass extinction about 65 million years ago, starting the beginning of the Cenozoic Era. Almost all dinosaurs and half of the other plants and animals went extinct, some scientist think that an asteroid hit the earth wiping out everything in sight. At the beginning of the Cenozoic Era, which still continues today, scientist have a better understanding of this era because humans are living through it and are able to document everything that happens throughout the years. (Gammon) When the average person thinks of dinosaurs they envision a big ferocious reptile. Which is mainly true but
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