The Geology Of Ontario Through Its Rocks

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Minerals are what make-up Rocks and rocks are what make up the geology of an area. In this report, we will focus on the geology of Ontario through its rocks. We will look at ten difference rocks samples that have been collected from several different places here in Windsor Ontario including the beach, the river, gravel pits, along highways and roadways as well in parks and campsites. The rocks that were collected are all rocks that have formed right here in Ontario. Canada and especially Ontario have very interesting and much filled geologic pasts. Ontario has many types of rocks and minerals that have formed and are still forming due to the geology. Ontario has sedimentary rocks; igneous rock, and metamorphic rock as well as minerals such as gold, silver, quartz, and many more. In this paper, we will begin by talking about ten rocks that were collected right here in Windsor Ontario. The rocks were examined from the outside which tended to be weathered and the inside which were fresh. Description of rock types: The collection of the rocks was based on just picking up the most amount of difference looking rocks that was possible and bringing them home to analyze. This was done for about two months from many difference locations including campgrounds, beaches, rivers, highways as well as construction sites. After about two months there were many rocks so I started to analyze and take out the rocks that were of the same kind. I found many granite, basalt and conglomerate rocks.

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