The Geopolitical Challenges Of America

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Our Geopolitical Challenges
America is a country that stands out from all the other countries. We have a strong system of government that listens to the people and is ran by the people. This does not however mean that we are without geopolitical challenges. We face many challenges such as immigration, human rights abuses, and terrorism. Each of these are issues that we, the people must face. However, two of the largest challenges our nation faces today is our dependency on foreign oil and our relations with Russia that could potentially lead to another Cold War. Americans, we like things and things require energy. The main source of energy for our country comes from oil. Some of our oil supply comes from foreign countries since our country
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Let 's say a gas line blows up in a foreign country America is depending on for oil, as soon as that explosion occurs our price for crude oil goes up. January of 2017 saw a rise of 43 cents per barrel because OPEC cut the output of oil that resulted in a draining of oil stockpiles (“US crude settles”, 2017). OPEC plans to meet later in May and analysts feel that their will be an increase in oil prices as a result of the meeting (Landsman, 2017). This means we will be paying more.
Why should we worry about OPEC? Why do we need to get away from foreign oil? OPEC controls the oil prices on the world market. They can raise oil prices to benefit their bottom line. Last November crude oil prices went up 48 cents because Nigerian militants attacked a pipeline affecting oil production (“Oil Prices Find Floor”, n.d). It 's hard on Americans when the oil prices rise and it would be even harder if our foreign oil producers decided to stop trade with us. Not only would we be in danger of not being able to satisfy our wants, but our basic needs such as driving to work could be in danger. That is why this issue is a current geopolitical challenge for the United States.
The United States needs to continue working toward ending our dependence on foreign oil but it won 't be easy and will take some time. Currently 25% percent of U.S. oil comes from foreign countries, which is on the decline (U.S. Energy Information Administration, n.d). Our
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