The George Hotel's Prospects for the future

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The George though being battled by many will bring much needed employment opportunities to the sunshine coast. This expansion to our waterfront will also bring with it a boost in tourism and keep the bustling culture of lower Gibsons alive.

With this project comes heavy opposition from people all over the Sunshine Coast. Many people feel that the design of this project is not aesthetically pleasing and will not fit in with the “quaint” style of our town. I would like to pose the question what is the style of this town? Is there a style of architecture that is recognizable feature of Gibsons or does the the differentiation of all buildings make Gibsons unique. One other problem that has been posed is the breaking of the OCP height restrictions. The proposed height for The George is 25 metres which is approximately 8 stories, double the current OCP restrictions. People worry that if we were to change the rules for one building would other developers run in and try slip under the rules too. For this town to further flourish we need to think about changing some of the rules of the OCP to allow projects that will help further our community culturally, and economically.

Economically speaking The George will provide many full and part time jobs for residents of the Sunshine Coast. A proposed 130 full time and part time in hotel administration, accounting,…
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