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The Hotel

163 guest rooms, 65-70 employees.

Front desk: 10 employees.

Valet parking services: 8 employees.

Housekeeping: 28 employees.

Engineering and facilities maintenance: 4 employees.

Management and administrative: 15-20 additional staff members assigned to departments throughout the hotel, including management, office support and sales. The Garden Terrace Restaurant

Approximately 35 employees.

The restaurant is open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In addition to restaurant dining, the restaurant provides 24-hour room service and full catering services for meetings, conventions and other hotel events.

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Cindy has no interest in golf, hates the hot climate of Palm Springs and greatly prefers her work at the hotel.
Cindy is the director of human resources. She has been a working member of the management team since the brothers bought the run-down hotel and renovated it to create the Georges. Although Cindy had no management or HR experience before her work at the Georges, she is a natural leader. She is personable, well respected by the staff and is an asset to Jeff in the day-to-day management of the hotel. In many ways, it’s the perfect situation for all three Mitchells. Cindy loves her work, and her management role enables Chad to shun the office and remain nearly guilt-free while jetting from one golf course to another, and Jeff is not burdened by Chad’s disinterest in the hotel. Instead, he has an excellent partner in Cindy, with whom he often consults on difficult decisions.
The next generation of Mitchells is already being groomed to take over when the time comes. Jeff’s daughter, Julie, is nearly finished with an MBA program. She will start in sales and marketing after graduation and then move on to gain experience in operations and general management. Jeff wants her to have a solid background in all aspects of managing the hotel so she is fully prepared to assume the responsibilities of CEO
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