The Geranium

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Date: 15/02/10 Title: The Geranium Text type: Short story Author: Patricia Grace This short story, 'The Geranium', by Patricia Grace and published 1993, is a perfect example of Battered woman syndrome and the mental effects it has on a person in this case Marney. In the geranium, the main character, Marney is a stay at home mother. She cleans intensely all day and seems rather dull. She does not leave the house even when one of the girls tells her to "come for a stretch." You know she is hesitant and you can feel that there is something stopping her from leaving. There seems to be a routine of non-stop cleaning, because when her friends, Sandra and Joe, come over this doesn't stop her from making sure things are clean,…show more content…
A bit of change to brighten her days. But she is damaged from her abuse, and shows she has no freewill. Immediately faltering under Bob’s orders she “put it into [a] scrap bucket” as if it was of little matter to her. The “sink emptying” is her life being drained away. She watches as her life is taken away from here, because she was unable to speak up. She has let her chance slip away and has been doomed to the same dull days. I think the ideas that Patricia Grace is trying to get across is that; domestic violence isn’t all physical, that it can happen very much behind the scenes and the ways in which it can affect people. Although we get hints that Marney is physically abused such as; when Grace mentions that Marney “would put on her cardigan to hide her arm,” and when Bob grips her arm until it hurts, we never actually get any evidence of serious physical abuse. When the Sandra and Joe come over they dress Bob up as an amazing guy compared to their drunkard partners. Bob always has the groceries, and doesn’t come home drunk all the time. But behind the scenes he is very different from the picture the girls have made. He is threatening towards Marney and extremely controlling. He has scared into such an intense routine that she is no longer able to change that routine and is stuck to doing whatever he wants her to. This shows us that
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