Essay about The German Education System

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The German education system focuses within the states therefore the responsibility lies solely on the states. The Federal Government plays a minor role in the education system and it begins with all children aged between two and six attending optional Kindergarten after which school attendance is compulsory. Similarly in Sweden the public educational system is divided into two; the compulsory and non-compulsory system. Education in the public sector is free and no fee is required from teachers or parents for school material, meals or transport to and from school. From the age of 7 until the age of 16 it is compulsory to attend school and some parents even choose to start a year earlier at the age of 6.
Primary Education
In Germany the Primary School is named as the Grundschule and all children from the ages of six to ten attend. İt covers grade 1 to 4 however in Berlin and and Brandenburg the school covers six grades therefore convering the ages of 6 to 12. Whereas in Sweden the legal age to start school is 7 unless the parenst desire to start a year early which would then be 6.
For children to be able to become familiar with school life and their surroundings in Germany they are normally accompained by the same class teacher in grades 1 and 2. Not only does it make it easier to meet the childrens personal needs but also from a pedagogical aspect it provides consistency. From grade 3 onwards the children are then introduced to their subject teachers who help them prepare…