The German General Erwin Rommel

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The German General Erwin Rommel is an iconic figure of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime whom during his career followed the principle of fighting battles only on the condition of gaining from winning. Respected by both the Allied and Axis powers, his approach to warfare was cunning and humane, making him particularly significant in a time of oppression and malevolence. Thus, Rommel performed his duties with dignity and respect toward all soldiers alike and accordingly won the admiration and legend still alive in modern times. In addition, Rommel’s charism on the battlefield and natural gift of leadership lead him beyond all expectations of superiors. Consequently, Rommel was frequently featured in propaganda as an exceptional German General and…show more content…
The Battle of Caporetto is a fine example of such an instance where Rommel captured not only three tactical mountains, but 9,000 Italian soldiers including 150 officers with only a limited supply of men using only sheer wit and determination under direct orders to do otherwise. Sullivan branded the battle as the “Greatest defeat in Italian military history.” Between wars, Rommel shared his expertise to military academies with his novel “Infanterie Greift”, which allowed him to become personally acquainted to Adolf Hitler and later earning himself the position of commander of Hitler’s own personal security in Poland, 1939. Rommel speaks of the importance of respect from a commander’s men in his novel, “Winning the men 's confidence requires much of a commander... But once he has their confidence, his men will follow him through hell and high water.” Rommel’s proficiency caught the admiration of Hitler whom granted him control of the 7th Panzer division in France, 1940. It was as a Panzer Commander that Rommel was able to fully utilise his strength in the element of surprise by employing the infamous ‘Blitzkrieg’ tactic which featured in the invasion of various European countries. The soldiers of the 7th Panzer Division noticed Rommel’s couragousness early, Glanz comments, “Rommel lead from the front… the ideal military commander.” Furthermore,
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