The German Invasion Of Poland

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Introduction The German invasion of Poland on September 1st 1939, was an experimental display of the most advanced and intense form of warfare the world had ever seen. With such a drastic use of power and with aspirations expanding so wide, the German “Wehrmacht”1, along with the Soviet Union and a small Slovak contingent, soon escalated a central European battle into a global conflict. The target of Poland, for such an experiment had been strategically chosen as a geographical and logistical advantage, a self-proclaimed repossession of pre-World War one land ownership, and an eastern front barrier with Germany’s newly established pact/ally (via the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact), the USSR. The concept of Blitzkrieg warfare had been developed by tactical lessons learned during and most influentially, toward the end of World War One. When combined with technological innovations developed until the advent of World War two, Nazi Germany would possess a devastating brainchild that would eventually grow into the Shock and Awe technique of combat that we see today.2 The execution of the invasion hailed the Germans with the overall victory they sought, however their technique of the experiment were far from calibrated. The invading German army received heavy and unanticipated losses from Polish defenders, even though Polish defense lines fell within two days of initial invasion. Motivated by the protection of their people and the sanctity of the newly established country of Poland
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