The German Schools

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Continuing on the thought of education, April 1933 Jewish teachers were soon told to leave the German schools and universities after the Enabling Act was soon passed. The Jewish population of students at those universities dropped to the lowest 1 percent to resemble to the amount of Jews in Germany, and this was all in the same year. For 5 years everything lasted at that standard until 1938 hit. When 1938 hit, every Jewish child was soon banned from attending the German schools officially, no matter their status of where they were in that school. Judgment and segregation in the educational system and society as a whole was steady. Germany made it to where education was where the Nazis’ can basically display and endorse their racial policies.

Many teachers began to act as if the political changes to standard were never changed. The ones who did support the Nazis decision were soon converted to Nazism and began to undergo a new daily life and routine. For the small percentage of 32 percent who were teachers and were brought to the Nazi Party to be a member would wear their uniform to school and teach in it. When teachers finally decided to develop their support system for the Party in the classrooms, the whole vibe had changed within the students.

“The teacher would enter the classroom and welcome the group with a ‘Hitler salute’, shouting “Heil Hitler!” Students would have to respond in the same manner, often eight times each day – at the start and end of the day, in…

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