The German Video Program

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1. How should Marianne Barner respond to the invitation for IKEA to have a representative appear on the upcoming broadcast of the German video program? Marianne Barner has two possible ways to respond to the German video program invitation. She could refuse for an IKEA representative appear on the upcoming broadcast, or she could accept for a representative of IKEA to appear on set. Of the two options, one will give a better view of IKEA than the other. If Marianne Barner refuses for a representative to appear on the broadcast, it could send a negative image of the company and the journalist could tell whatever he would like as no one would be there to explain IKEA’s version of the story. If, however, Marianne Barner does accept the invitation, she can make sure the interest of the company is correctly represented against the accusations, and that would be the best choice. To correctly represent the company’s interest during the broadcast, the representative should be briefed about the delicate points to touch on. The representative should state all the actions IKEA has taken to inform themselves, react, and respond to child labor within their supply chain. Back in 1994, IKEA was first aware of child labor in their sub-contracting suppliers through a Swedish television documentary showing children in Pakistan working at weaving looms. Pakistan was a large importer of IKEA carpets at the time. Since this moment of awareness, IKEA had been dealing with this issue
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