The Germination of Seeds of the Native Plant Acacia

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The Germination of Seeds of the Native Plant Acacia decurrens Practical Report Biology 1 Introduction: In a botanical sense, “germination is the process of emergence of growth from a resting stage.” ( Under favourable conditions, the seed begins to germinate, and the embryonic tissues resume growth, developing towards a seedling. Soils from a Cumberland Plain Woodland community were investigated to determine the presence of a soil seed-bank; and whether species richness and abundance of plants germinating from it were affected by heating such as that experienced in a fire. It was found that certain seeds reacted differently, and he the phsyical action of heating, whether at low or…show more content…
Daily observations were recorded in a diary and then placed into a table of results featured below. Results: Effects of heat on Acacia Decurrens | No.Germinated | No. did notGerminate | First sign ofGermination | % seeds thatGerminated | Heated 1 | 9 | 6 | Approx. 96hrs | 60% | Heated 2 | 11 | 4 | Approx. 72hrs | 73% | Control 1 | 0 | 15 | 0 | 0 | Control 2 | 0 | 15 | 0 | 0 | Both Heat treated groups 1 & 2 had seeds that germinated within 3-4 days of receiving this heat treatment. This averaged the amount of 66.5% of the total seeds germinated. In contrast both Control groups that were not subjected to any form of heat treatment but were still soaked in cold water did not show signs of germination at all within the 10 days time limit. Discussion: The results of the experiment demonstrate that if Acacia decurrens seeds are subjected to the heat treatment by placing the seeds in boiling water and leaving them in that same water for a period of 24 hours, then the rate at which the seeds germinate will be affected. It can be suggested that this increased germination rate occurs because the boiling water, by which the seeds were soaked in, breaks down the hard coating on the outside layer of the seed, thus allowing the seedling to penetrate through the coating and begin the germination process. This controlled
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