The Getty Museum Is Absolutely Breathtaking

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Part I: The Getty museum is absolutely breathtaking. When you step off the tram you are surrounded by white marble and stone above the hectic LA area. The all white buildings allow for a “clean slated” mindset where you are able to open your mind the the pieces within. It sits above the greater Los Angeles area. There are several buildings in which the collections are located, each being two stories. The space contributes significantly to the art in that it allows you to have a clear clean palette in your mind to view the art. With each room being dedicated to a specific time period, it allows one to really move through time and witness the changes that art went through in each time period but also from region to region. There are three buildings containing art at the Getty as well as an amphitheatre and research institute. Within the art buildings there are nine different exhibits. The collections represented a large amount of baroque and renaissance art, through not only paintings but sculptures, pottery and small figurines. I was not expecting this because we had not gone over much of the art besides that of the paintings. The collection there is a very good representation of the different aspects of the time periods and stays true to the time periods. From my in class knowledge I was able to infer which art pieces were from the different time periods. Specific conditions for the viewing works that I chose had to do with the coloring of the overall painting and the…
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