The Ghetto Underwent A Beautification Ghetto

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May 10, 1933 emboldened by the momentum of the movement, Goebbels organized and staged the first, infamous public book burning. German university students were incited to burn books with “un-German" ideas. A century before, German-Jewish poet, Heinrich Hein seems to have predicted the coming events when he wrote, "That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people." In a dramatic propaganda hoax, the International Red Cross was permitted to inspect the Theresienstadt ghetto, the exercise disguised the vile treatment of the Jews. The ghetto underwent a beautification project. A film was produced to prove the benevolent treatment of the Jews. Soon after, the “cast/prisoners” were sent to the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Deceptive euphemisms were freely used to mask deportations of Jews to gas chambers. Germans stamped “evacuated and resettled” on their passports, in actuality they were being sent to their death. Quarantine signs were posted at Jewish Ghettos, warning of disease. With a lack of sanitation and starvation rations, the warnings proved to be self-fulfilling prophecies. Nazi propaganda utilized these man-made epidemics to warrant isolating the “filthy” Jews. During the Final Solution, to maintain the deception and keep order, prisoners, were forced to send postcards home, stating that they were being treated well. Authorities used this to cover-up the true unimaginable horror. Heinrich Himmler was the cold ruthless leader of the

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