The Ghost Army Of World War II

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Domenico Foti
Professor Richardson
November 20th, 2015

The Ghost Army of World War II

World War II was a war of many victories and losses. A battle for constant control of territories, that was ushered by greed and corruption. With this comes the persistent need to find an advantage over the enemy, and during this time Germany became the front runner in innovations and technology. This intelligence showed by the Germans had the allied forces in a scramble to help propel them on top of the battle again. In hopes of success, through desperation the United States had managed to put together a top-secret task force. However this was not the typical task force that the United States was know to specialize in, until the early 1940 's. This task force was hand selected to specialize in tricking the German forces, specifically in the art of Deception. Through the use of these technologies given to them, these brave soldiers used their skills in sonic, radio, and visual deception, to help lead the allied forces to victory. Later called the Ghost Army of the War, these American 's were essential in deceiving the German forces. Believe it or not, artists were actually intended to be used in World War II. They were used to create various types of camouflage for armor and vehicles(The Ghost Army, 2013). In 1943 however, Americans were called into battle and began their journey to Britain for the upcoming invasion to take France back. During this time the British and…

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